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 RAF 9th Wing final Operational Order for 11 November 1918 - cancelled because of the Armistice

 9th Wing Squadrons: 18, 25, 27, 32, 49, 62

RAF 9th Wing Operational Order 11 November 1918

 9TH WING, R.A.F. ORDER NO.766.         Copy No. / 7

              In the Field.                                             

           Sunday, 10th November 1918.

The following Operations will be carried out to-morrow.

1. SITUATION.  Any further change in the Line will be attached or sent out by wire.

2. RECONNAISSANCES.       No.25 Squadron.                    

Same as contained in 9th Wing, R.A.F. Order No.759, dated 4th November 1918.

3. PHOTOGRAPHY.              No.25 Squadron.

Complete areas as detailed in 9th Wing, R.A.F. Order No.763, dated 7th November 1918.

4. BOMBING.                        No.18 Squadron.

All available machines will leave the ground at 07.00 to bomb NAMUR Railway Station.  Height 15,000 feet.  Cameras and 112 lb. bombs will be carried.  This raid need not be repeated.

Nos.49 and 27 Squadrons.

    All available machines of each Squadron will leave the ground at 07.00 to bomb CHARLEROI Railway Station. Machines will fly as one formation No.49 Squadron providing the Leader.  Each Squadron will drop its bombs on signal being given by its own Leader.   Height 11,000 feet.  Cameras and 112 lb. bombs will be Carried.  D.H.9s. will rendezvous with machines of No.62 over VALENCIENNES.

    O.C., No.49 Squadron will notify 0.C.,No.62 Squadron and Wing Headquarters in good time as to the time of departure of the combined formation.

    O.C., No.49 Squadron will have a communication machine ready for despatch to LA BRAYELLE half an hour before D.H.9s. leave the ground.  This machine will drop a message addressed to O.C., No.32 Squadron, notifying him what time the D.H.9s. will be leaving the ground.


    No.62 Squadron.  All available machines will leave the ground 3/4 of an hour after D.H.9s. of Nos.49 and 27 Squadron who are bombing CHARLEROI.  They will rendezvous with the combined formation over VALENCIENNES and accompany them to the objective and back.      Height 14,000 feet.  Every endeavour will be made to destroy all. E.A. which may have left the ground with the intention of attacking the bombers.

    No.32 Squadron.  All available machines will leave the ground one hour after D.H.9s. of Nos.49 and 27 Squadrons.  They will carry out an Offensive patrol on the Line LA LOUVIERE - LA BUISSIERE (S. of BINCHE) and render as much assistance as possible to D.H.9s. returning from CHARLEROI.  Height 15,000 feet.

                                                              signed JS Webb,


                                                                   Staff Officer,

         TIME  ISSUED - 22.00.                                    9th Wing, R.A.F.

Note: No 62 Sqn was equipped with Bristol Fighters, No 32 with SE5a's, No 25 with DH4's and the others largely with DH9's.

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