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 No 2 Sqn RFC aircrew 9 April to 16 August 1915

Commanding Officers:

CO Maj. Tom I Webb-Bowen [later T/Brigadier II Brigade 1918] 

CO from 1 June 1915 Maj. John H W Becke [later T/Brigadier II Brigade 1918] 

No 2 Sqn Officers May 1915

No. 2 Sqn RFC Officers (circa May 1915)
Back row: Secker, Wallace, Whiteman, Leighton, Milne, Lees, Smith
Front row: Collins, Lloyd, Sweet, James

Aircrew  & ground crew in alphabetical order:

Lt. Ashly

Capt. Maurice Bernal Blake Pilot Flight Commander

AM Beetlestone (Gd Crew)

AM Bowen (Gd Crew)

AM Bridger (Gd Crew)

Capt. Thomas Walter Colby Carthew DSO Pilot [later Lt. Col, CO 4 Sqn July 1916]

Lt. (Alexander C?) Clarke Pilot

Capt. H J (John) Collins Pilot

Capt. Cooper [poss R A Cooper CO 2 Sqn July 1916]

Lt. A W Davis Observer

Capt. (poss Leonard) Dawes 'C' Flight Commander (in May 1915)

Lt. Hereward de Havilland Pilot (later Major, DSO, CO 30 Sqn, Iraq)

Lt. Sholto Douglas Observer (not mentioned in text, went to pilot training late May 1915) [later Major CO 84 Sqn]

Lt. (poss Keith Frederick William) Dunn Pilot

Lt. Ellison Observer

Capt. Wilfred Freeman, B (wireless) Flight Commander [later CO 14 Sqn, Lt Col 9th Wing & Col OC 2 Training Group 1918]

2nd Lt. Charles R Gallie Pilot KIA 22 August 1915

AM Girling (Gd Crew)

AM Goodwin (Gd Crew)

Cpl. Hales (Gd Crew)

Capt. John Glanville Hearson  'C'  Flight Commander (from 6 July 1915) [later CO 5 Sqn & T/Brigadier Director of Training 1918]

Capt. J R Campbell Heathcote Pilot

Capt. Heaton-Hall

Sgt. Hodgson (Gd Crew)

Lt. (?JL) Jackson WIA April(?10 May) 1915

Lt. James MC

Lt. Ralph Tolerton Leather Pilot

Lt. Lees Observer

Capt. John Burgh Talbot Leighton, 'C'  Flight Commander (June 1915)  [later Major, CO 23 Sqn KWF 7 May 1917]

Lt. Ivor Lloyd, Observer [flew with Rhodes Moorhouse]

Lt. Robert Loraine Pilot [the "actor-pilot", later CO 40 Sqn & Lt. Col]

Lt. R N Marshall Observer [flew with Robert Loraine]

Lt. (Barry?) Martin Pilot

Lt. Harold William Medlicott pilot

Capt. Mitchell Observer

Lt. Marmaduke Henry Monckton Pilot [KWF 9 July 1915 with 8 Sqn]

Capt. William Milne, Observer [Pilot from Sep 1915, 25 Sqn, WIA May 1916]

Sgt. Nichols (Gd Crew)

Lt. William Reid, Pilot [POW August 1915 Immelmann's first victim]

Lt. William Rhodes-Moorhouse VC, Pilot [DOW 27 April 1915]

Lt. Roberts Observer

Lt. Herbert B Russell Observer [later AVM]

Capt. Secker, Observer

Capt. Frank W Smith Pilot [later Major, CO 62 Sqn 1918]

Lt. (Sydney W) Smith Pilot

Lt. Sweet Observer

Lt. William M Wallace, Observer KIA 22 August 1915

Lt. Whiteman Observer

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